Music Theory Bundle
Published by Lotus Music

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The six books that make up the Lotus Music library include over 300 pages of text and diagrams to explain how music works. This compendium covers nearly everything a guitarist should know about chords, arpeggios, scales, and how to play them.

Topics covered include:

  • How music is constructed
  • Where scales and chords come from
  • Best fingering patterns for scales, arpeggios and chords
  • Chord progressions
  • Chord inversions
  • Extended meaning of the Circle of Fifths.
  • Ways to visualize the fretboard.
  • You can play longer melodic lines..
  • How transposing works.
  • The trick to improvising.
  • ...and more.
  • Why Such a Low Price!

    The Music Theory Bundle gives you a great opportunity to save. "Why so cheap you ask?," you might ask. It's because I want you to become a more informed musician who will come back later to see the new things I'll be offering in the future. Cheers!
    Music Theory Bundle

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    All of these publications are included in the Music Theory Bundle.

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    circle of fifthsDirty Guide Chord inversion coverFIN System Stretch System cover Chords and Arpeggio cover