Interactive Music Theory

See Music Theory at Work in All Keys.

The Chord Factory offers up these interactive pages as your "go-to" reference guide for music theory topics. Each topic is graphically displayed and with the click of your mouse or pad or touch of your screen, you will see the topic applied to any key.

If you would like more information on the topic you are viewing, links are provide to help you dive deeper.
Vitruvian Guitarist

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harmonized major scale
Harmonized Major Scale

See the modes and chords of the Major scale.

major chord progressions
Chord Progressions

Explore how chords work together to make music.

chord progression map
Chord Progression Map

Create scores of progressions for your own songs.

circle of fifths
Cirlce of Fifths

See easy-to-play guitar chords in every key.

circle of fifths
Cirlce of Fifths for Jazz

See jazz guitar chords around the Circle in every key.

interval training
Interval Ear Training

Hear and see the tonal distance between notes.

chord tree
Chord Tree

See the notes and intervals that make up chords.

circle of fifths
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