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Memorizing guitar chord shapes is something every guitarist has labored countless hours to do only to forget them when it counted most. But, what if you could play any chord on demand without having to look it up in a book. The Chord Factory is here to help you understand how to construct chords and how to use them. This website offers information and books that will expand your knowledge of chords, chord progressions, scales, modes and more.

The Chord Factory speaks your language.

Knowing how guitar chords work when combined with your steady practice will lead to big improvements in your playing. The Chord Factory offers a unique, graphic approach to instruction that reveals important music concepts in an easy-to-understand way. The Chord Factory books are thorough, but not academic. They show just what you need to know.

Two Types of Guitarist

I am Tom Michero and I created this website because I am curious about how some people become great guitarists and others don’t. What I have found is that there two types of guitarists, 1) those who can play as easily as they talk, and 2) the rest of us.
We call this super power they have talent. You are very lucky if you are one of these people. However, The Chord Factory is not for them. The Chord Factory is for the rest of us who aren’t born with perfect pitch, music memory or quick hands. Our path to mastering guitar chords requires us to learn more and practice more.

The diagram above shows the relationship between knowledge and practice and how important it is to pursue both. Though we are mere mortals, we can take our place among the Guitar Gods by being vigilant and persistent in our pursuit.
It is the purpose of this site to:
  • Be understandable.
  • Inspire you to practice.
  • Get results.
If you are among us mortals who just want to play with our friends without sounding like a major dork or maybe sometimes gigging in public, then The Chord Factory can teach you.

As a gift to you for visiting The Chord Factory, I would like you to have my “Chords by Key” reference guide which allows you to look up guitar chords according to the key the belong to. This makes it easy to find chords of a song you are learning. No email sign-up is required because it is a gift. Thank you for visiting.
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Tom Michero, founder

Tom Michero

Chord Factory Founder

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What is Guitar Chord Theory?

Chord theory is a subset of the more general subject of music theory which includes nearly everything in music like notation, rhythm, harmony and melody. Chord theory deals with specifically how notes combine to create harmony and how chords combine with each other to create harmonic movement.

The sound that is familiar to different musical genres like blues, rock and jazz comes from the harmonic structure a song’s chords. In reality, subject of chord theory is very broad and if you are looking for something that it doesn’t include, you probably won’t find it. However, the chord theory topics this website focuses are listed at the right.
  • Notes
  • Scales
  • Modes
  • Intervals
  • Keys
  • Chord Construction
  • Chord Function
  • Chord Progressions
  • Circle of Fifths
  • Fretboard Application
  • and last but not least, practice

How to use this site?

I have spent years trying to understand how music works. I have taken lessons from really good teachers and want to share with you what I have learned. However, the thing that makes you a better player is practice. The things that I offer here are designed to make that practice pay off. They are not a substitution for practice. They just make your practice more rewarding.

To get the most out of this site, I would recommend clicking on the “Theory” tab to explore pertinent topics that, as a musician, you should know. Next, check out the “InterActive” tab to see these music theory topics in action.

Then, if you are wanting to know more, I invite you to click the “Products” tab to peruse the tools and books available to you. These books expand on the information presented on the website and show you how to guide your practice.

Lastly, if you have a question or a comment about music or my website, click here to submit it. I do my best to answer all inquiries. Enjoy!
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