Major Chord Progressions

Select a Key and a Formula

Chord progressions are the harmonic foundations of music and knowing how chords work together is crucial to understanding music whether you are playing it or writing it. This diagram shows you a few of the most common chord progressions formulas that occur in music. It is designed to familiarize you with chord progressions in every key and give you an understanding of chord function and type.


Use the "key pad" at the top of the diagram to select the key you are interested in viewing. Use your cursor to mouse over the key you wish to activate. The chord progressions associated with that key will appear in the diagram. To activate the harmonic movement arrows, move your cursor over the "I" chord of the progression you want to see. For more information about chord progressions.
C C> D   E F F> G   A   B
  D<   E<     G<   A<   B<  
Use your cursor to select a key (above) and a chord progression formula (below).
what notesprogression start
I, IV, V = major chords. ii, iii, and vi = minor chords. vii[ = diminished chord.