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The Chord Factory is dedicated to helping people learn and practice guitar. We see everyone as a musician whether or not they have ever picked up an instrument. We recognize that in each of us is a creative spirit with a unique voice. We believe that for the sake of health that voice needs to be expressed. When that voice is a musical one, we provide products and support that help that voice come forth.

We are about more that teaching music. We are about the healing power of music to meet human need for joy. That's why we encourage and support efforts of individuals and groups who work to bring music to their community. It is our goal to use our mental, physical, and spiritual resources to enrich the lives of our employees, customers, and neighbors through music.

In this way we hope to enlighten you to your own wonderful musical potential and by doing so add something to this world which we value greatly — harmony.

Tom's Story

I came to music late in life. I only started playing the guitar a few years ago. I had tried to teach myself guitar several times over the years but nothing much ever happened. Finally, I went to a guitar teacher for help. The first thing he did was start teaching me music theory. "Great," I thought. This is what musicians know.

For the next several lessons he piled one seemingly arbitrary music theory rule on top of another until I was overwhelmed. When I couldn't take it any more I got motivated to make it simpler. I knew that there had to be a reason for these rules. I knew that there had to be some underlying guiding principle to all of this. Since I'm kind of a nerdy science guy I gathered all the rules together in order to find a unified principle. I wanted to know how music was put together. It couldn't be difficult, could it? I mean I've seen guys who couldn't make change for a pizza play the most awesome riffs. If they can do it, why can't I?

Eventually, I began seeing how all these rules my teach told me related to each other. I saw that if I layed out scales in a certain way I could understand how chords were constructed. I began to see patterns and relationships that made sense. I didn't have to know the rules if I could only understand the principles. At last I had my map, so to speak, that would show me how to make music. I continued to make maps, charts, and diagrams, all of which helped me understand what I should be doing.

Originally, this material was just for me but I noticed how it amazed my friends. They all wanted me to make them some. Well, that gave me an idea. About a two years later I was writing books about guitar and in two bands. Now, I'm spreading the word about how music theory works and how playing well can change one's life. If you are looking for a change, I can help.


Tom Michero

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